Flat Rate Patent

Randal D. Homburg

Fee Schedule – 2015/2016


Individual and Small Business

Flat Rates:                  Provisional Patent ApplicationA              $1250 – $2500 including costs

                                    Design Patent Applications                $1500 – $2250 plus costs

                                    Utility Patent Applications                $2500 – $5000 plus costs


Corporations and Manufacturing Companies

Flat Rates:                  Provisional Patent ApplicationA              $2400 – $3600 including costs

                                    Design patent Applications                $3000 – $4500 plus costs

                                    Utility Patent Applications                    $5000 – $10,000 plus costs


Hourly rates:               All services beginning at $285.00 per hour, including consulting fees.


Responses to Office Actions may be included in flat fee rates. Responses to non-included Office Actions will be billed an additional amount, unless included in patent contract. Fees do not include issue or maintenance fees assessed by the Patent Office. Those will be charged when due and the maintenance fees will be the inventor’s responsibility to monitor and pay in a timely manner.

The above rates may be changed without notice to new clients not already under contract or may be change at the end of the calendar year for existing clients, without notice. Fees are determined at time of attorney-client agreement. Billings due within 10 days of receipt. Retainers are required at the time of the commencement of the hired tasks.

Please contact us for a meeting if you would like to discuss annual retention agreements or Of-counsel arraignments for bulk IP services or for quantity service arrangements.


AProvisional patents have a duration of only one year and are not examined or issued. Subsequent utility patents must be filed within one year of the provisional patent application in order to maintain the benefit of the provisional patent filing date.