Death of a Relationship c/o Lazy Technology Patentlawman Today

I’m going to show my age. Technology can lead to bad business. Most of you younger folks are going to think I’m an old idiot and a dinosaur. Well, so be it, but I’m going to proceed down this road of self-conviction anyway.
Communication with new and old clients requires some work. It is so easy to use texting and e-mail, and I’m very guilty of relying on it to communicate with my clients and friends. Almost every communication “faux pas”, a/k/a miscommunication, in my experience is due to either a context misunderstanding or an inflection misunderstanding. When you read words presented in communication, you can’t tell the difference between a joke or a serious comment. You also can’t tell if someone is showing concern or care as opposed to scorn or ridicule. (See “Bless your heart”)
How many times have we seen celebrities or politicians have to retract a statement they have made that resulted in unpopular media attention and their excuse for making the comment is “I didn’t mean that” or “you misunderstood me”. Seems to work for them. However, in the business world it can result in unforgivable harm or damage to a professional relationship.
I found out with my mobile phone that not only can I send a text or e-mail, but it can still make a call. I also found out that sometime putting a little mileage on my car to work out a problem without billing a client for it can salvage hurt feelings, resolve a non-existent dispute and give me an opportunity to avoid future miscommunication issues and keep them as a happy client. I’m going to call that “direct communication strategy”. Pretty clever, huh? (See, it looks like I’m serious and cocky, but the last comment was just a joke.)
Call me old fashioned. I’ll take it. However, I’m never going to apologize for not making every attempt to maintain a good relationship with my clients. I am a firm believer in talking, shaking hands, sharing a meal, arguing over who pays the tab, and turning my clients into lifelong friends. Call me a dinosaur, I don’t care. I’m just glad you called me instead of texting me. 
Respectfully submitted;
Randal Homburg,

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