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I don’t believe in the last 19 years of patent practice that I have ever seen a client with a world changing patent and process. I have also never presented their idea to anyone other than the patent office. I tend to stay out of the marketing and promotion business, just providing patent application assistance. I can’t keep this idea to myself.
Let me give you some history first. Years ago, some scientist developed the process of converting algae to diesel, gasoline and aviation fuel. It works and has been proven to be the same quality fuel as that derived from oil reserves. There has been a problem, however, in making enough algae to present this fuel source alternative as a practical alternative to drilling, extraction and distilling oil and converting it to transportation fuel.
My client, Ronny Collins, solved this quantitative limitation experienced in past and present algae production. Ronny’s product and process uses a sustainable algae production device (photobioreactor) creates a perfect environment to grow algae in a virtually perfect artificial system without environmentally induced damage or contamination (temperature, sunlight, pH, contamination). His device and process devours CO2, which climate change experts find most damaging and the leading source of greenhouse gas problems, and emits pure oxygen as an end product emission. Other “green” byproducts include clean water and steam, which can be converted to operate the system and the process requirements. Process the algae and you get transportation fuel. End process algae after oil extraction can be used for animal feed. Water is recycled into the next batch of algae. 
This system takes up approximately 0.5 percent of pond growth algae farms and can supply more than 1.7 million barrels of crude algae oil per acre per year in a single battery of devices. Cost of the crude algae provides transportation fuels at approximately $4-5 per barrel. The product can be shipped wet or dry and the shipped product has no risk to the environment if accidental spill occurs during transport. It poses no known environmental risk or damage at any point until converted to the actual transportation fuel.
If anyone is interested, Ronny is looking for partnerships, assignments or licenses for his patented and patent pending device and process. There is no known comparable technology in existence that can duplicate this production. Contact me at if you have a serious inquiry. I can put you in touch with Mr. Collins and provide further details. This is not a hoax. The science supports itself and should be compatible with the views of supporters of climate change, reducing CO2 and preventing damage and impact on the environment. Contact me for details.

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