GIVING BACK – The Chance of a Lifetime

Life tends to turn into a series of one busy day after another. We focus on our careers, our families, our hobbies and our passions. I am self-employed, have a family, live to fish and play music and spend time with a few close friends. For the most part, I have nothing to complain about. I am a busy guy who has been truly blessed and shielded from unexpected tragedy, sorrow and hardship, even though growing up relatively poor and mostly unpopular with the exception of a few close friends. I had an amazing family. SO – I have nothing legitimate to complain about. However, there was a hole up until a few years ago caused by a lack of good use of my spare time. That’s when I discovered the best activity ever – community service. I live in a small community, attend a small church and live a rather invisible life outside work. I started observing things of interest – students, local education, unfortunate people in my community. It dawned on me that instead of looking for another hobby that focuses on ME, maybe I could find a hobby that focuses on WE. I’m not telling you what activities I found to involve myself in because this article isn’t intended to promote ME. I’m trying to focus on WE.

WE have an opportunity to get involved in local student lives through volunteer activities in our schools. WE have an opportunity to find other men and women to create groups that simply devote a few hours on an otherwise boring Saturday morning to find elderly people who need help with their homes and living conditions. WE have an opportunity to mentor young people to bring them hope and fulfillment, especially those who are being raised in single parent homes. WE have an opportunity to contribute something much more than a few dollars for a cause. WE have an opportunity to share time, talent and experience with those in our local communities.

I love my family. I love my patent practice and my clients. I love my hobbies. I cherish the time I spend with my friends. But I will tell you right now, the absolute most fulfilling activity I have ever done is giving – mostly anonymously – my time to some people I never knew before, but really found could use my help. If all of us – WE- did a little bit every week to help those in our community, whether each of us has any real talent and skills or not, WE might have a chance to get more out of life – spiritually and psychologically – than we give.

Catch a real buzz. Give your time away to someone who needs you. 
As always in sincerity.

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