HOMBURG “HATS OFF” – Rollin’ down the highway 

For years now, I have watched my neighbor drag his trailer over to the house and load up his motorcycle on really long trips. I admire his spunk to “leather up” and hit the road, but have always felt sorry that he had that big old trailer to tow and store year round.

Then along came Chad Level, my client from Bixby, Oklahoma. He came up with a very nice hitch mounted motorcycle transport caddy that hooks up to your box trailer hitch and uses the electrical power from the vehicle wiring system to raise and lower a front wheel frame. You load your bike’s front wheel on the ground level platform, cinch up your bike, raise the platform to a transport height, make sure the bike’s in neutral, and take off. You can even hook up the motorcycle electronics for signal purposes. He had U.S. Patent No. 9,233,634 issue in January 2016, so congrats to Chad and a hearty HATS OFF!
Best regards and born to be wild.
Randy Homburg

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