Mike Pung and his partner Stevan Wilcox received a patent on a new portable gold pan in U.S. Patent No. D757,142. They had previously patent a Gold Cube, which is a device that operates on running water over a series of ramps to separate gold from other minerals. 

Well, this little guy can be carried to a gold bearing water source and used to separate gold using a panning technique and it works like a little champ. They are inexpensive and selling like hotcakes. You can check them out at www.goldcube.net or contact Mike at mike@goldcube.net or by phone at (405) 650-0542. These products have been featured on several television shows that deal with prospectors and the product users all seen to submit kind reviews.
Way to go again, Mike and Steve! Eureka! Patent Gold.
Randy (Randal) Homburg

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