affordable small business patent attorneyHow many of you have ever come up with a great idea but didn’t have a clue about what to do with it? Did you ever follow up that idea with the thought of trying to obtain patent protection, only to be scared off by either the patent process or the high costs and risks normally associated with getting patent protection?

My law office is focused on the representation of the individual inventor of the small start-up business that is seeking advise and assistance in preparing and filing a United States patent application. I do not engage in foreign patent applications. I do not have large corporate clients that require all of my time and attention. As a result, I offer a quality patent service at a remarkably low price, compared to most patent attorney firms.

You can instantly see what our optimal fees charged are for each patent application for the small inventor, with each patent service set at a flat rate fee as determined subsequent to a hired patent search. The maximum fee for services as indicated in that schedule so you can plan your budget accordingly. There are no additional fees charged beyond that schedule other than those which the patent office will charge for issue or maintenance fees.

I appreciate your interest and encourage you to click on the several links, which includes a full list of services offered by my offices. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance. I don’t charge a thing for a visit, so feel free to call anytime, seven days a week during daylight hours. Good luck in your endeavors.